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The Economic Climate

In this uncertain period in the economic life of our city, state, country, and world, Philanthropy New York is working diligently to inform our members about the steps being taken by both government officials and their fellow grantmakers.

In addition, we are collecting resources and insights from the philanthropic sector to provide our members with knowledge, observations, and advice for funders and the grantees they support. We are also hosting special programs and events focusing specifically on our economy and the challenges ahead.

Members who would like to share information from and with their colleagues and peers should feel free to contact us at 212-714-0699 and

In This Area

  • Resources from Past Programs on the Economy
    Philanthropy New York has held several programs on the current economic situation. This section includes audio synopses and other resources available from these programs. (Member login required)
  • Member Announcements
    As the economic climate continues to change, we are sharing the reactions, strategies, and initiatives of our members.
  • Office Space Bulletin Board
    In response to member requests, we have created a bulletin board for members to list and search available office space announcements from member organizations. (Member login required)
  • Articles and Resources
    A collection of news reports, essays, and tools from the sector and links to other resource compilations.
  • New York State and City Announcements
    We post economic updates from city and state agencies and the offices of the Governor and the Mayor as they become available.


  • The Economic Stimulus Plan: Key Benefits That Aid Charities [PDF]
    Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
    This chart breaks down the funds reserved for charities in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • Some Measure of Leadership
    By Charles H. Hamilton
    Philanthropy New York's Senior Fellow, Charles Hamilton, responds to Mayor Bloomberg's April 6th nonprofit assistance announcement.
  • In The Public Trust [PDF]
    A statement on shared values and professional practices adopted by Philanthropy New York's Board of Directors. In the Public Trust can be a useful resource during times of uncertainty.